AASP Member Benefits

AASP truly Values your Membership in helping to support the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships goals in  continuing providing our Members with high quality Health and Safety Association, Training Products and Certifying Partner Services.

As a result of your support we want to give back to you, our members, by providing you with needed products and services to help support your health and safety program and provide you with options to do so at preferred rates!

In other words, for these products and services you pay the same rate as we pay or perhaps even better depending on the size of your organization and the offering.

There is no obligation to Check Out the Saving’s and obtain a quote! We invite you to check out these excellent offers TODAY!

We are continuously looking for great options to grow this offering so if you have any suggestions to enhance these benefit programs please submit an email directly to ray@aasp.ca

Our many thanks for your continued loyal support!

If you have any questions regarding this program do not hesitate to contact the office at 403-223-9008 or toll free at 1-866-223-9008.


Professional Liability Insurance Package for AASP External Auditors 

Armour Insurance has worked with the AASP to develop an insurance solution that meets your membership requirements and offers 3 levels of coverage at an exceptional group rate. The AASP External Auditor Professional Liability Insurance Package offers the following benefits: 

  • Meets AASP Errors & Omissions and General Liability insurance requirements.
  • Same business day certificate / proof of insurance issuing for AASP members.
  • Complete your policy application and bind insurance as soon as the same day.
  • We handle the transition from current insurance provider.
  • Simplified application saves time.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Exceptional pricing starting at $650/yr.

Membership has its benefits! Because of the strength in the AASP group we’re able to offer comprehensive coverage at amazing rates.

Contact us today to fulfill your insurance requirements with our new AASP Auditor Professional Insurance Package.


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Benefits My Way

Small Business with only 2-3 employees? You will want to consider a Health Spending Account (HSA). BenefitsMyWay – An original Health Spending Account* solution serving more than 8600+ Canadian businesses.

What is a Health Spending Account?
A Health Spending Account allows you to use your company’s money to pay for personal medical expenses. This is a 100% tax free benefit for you and your employees and 100% tax deductible for your company.

Is Your Business a Fit?
Do you operate a limited or incorporated business inside Canada (outside the province of Quebec)?
Do you want to have complete control over your costs?
Do you want to offer flexibility while empowering your employees to spend their healthcare dollars on what matters most to them and their families?

If you said yes to the questions above, this plan is a great fit for your business.

*Currently not available in Quebec


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F2 Legal Counsel

F2 Legal Counsel is the first and only law firm in Alberta exclusively dedicated to the practice of occupational health and safety law. Founded in 2014 by former OHS Prosecutor Christopher Spasoff, the firm provides experienced OHS counsel to assist companies in dealing with a variety of OHS issues, penalties, and charges.

As an AASP member you receive 25% off F2 Legal Counsel’s standard rates.


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Group Health Insurance Benefits

AASP Group Benefits provides access to a top-notch group of independent benefits industry experts and consultants. With the AASP Member’s collective purchasing power, and expertise provided by the independent brokerage Integrated Insurance Management, we help you deliver superior benefits at reduced rates. AASP Group Benefits offers a full suite of employee benefit products to cover every size of business – the pricing and convenience of the health, dental, prescription drug, retirement and other products cannot be matched.

Let AASP’s relationship to Canada’s largest Group Benefits providers help you to build a program custom-tailored specifically to your business. Your operation is unlike any other – your benefit plan should match your unique business.

  • Benefits plans for the single owner/operator and their family
  • Multi-employer buying pools for the small employer
  • Fully customizable group benefit plans for the large employer
  • Special Risk insurance for inpatriates and expatriates
  • An Hour Bank plan for field workers
  • Group retirement programs
  • Savings that will in most cases offset the cost of your AASP membership!

We are also able to help you navigate Group Retirement and Savings solutions for you and your employees. These plans can significantly contribute to acquiring and retaining quality talented employees for your business.




Healthy Workplace Perks by inHabit Workplace Wellness

Exclusive to all AASP Members:

Savings up to 15%

Healthy Workplace Perks

Educate your team on healthy work habits with Team Wellness Training and free resources in workday revitalization, ergonomics, stress management, and sleep hygiene.

Save on Healthy workspace tools like sit-stand converters, active standing mats and postural supports.

To redeem perks, contact info@inHabitWellness.ca with inquiries and use promo codes below:

  • Save $100 on Team Wellness Training: AASP100
  • Save an additional $300 on The Healthy Work Year: AASPHWY
  • Save 10% on Equipment:  AASP10

*Offer ends 12/31/2022*

Check out all the Free Resources and the AASP Membership Savings available on InHabit Team Wellness Training Modules

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Homewood Health

Homewood Health is Canada’s leader in workplace mental health assistance for 40 years and that success is built on a 140-year legacy of delivering mental health and addiction services at the Homewood Health Centre. That kind of history has given us the opportunity to develop a network of Canadian and international practice leaders and an organization capable of serving organizations with just a few employees to multinationals. We provide EFAP services to more than 9,000 organizations, covering nearly 2,700,000 Canadian employees and the people they care about.

An EFAP is a highly cost-effective and easy-to-implement step for an organization seeking to support its employees and protect the company’s productivity. The typical cost of an EFAP is about 1% of the cost of a health benefits plan, and this service is available 24/7/365.

Ongoing mental health battles such as stress leads to exhaustion and apathy, often resulting in a lack of productivity and psychological burnout. EFAPs can help prevent this, by providing employees critical support before their stress snowballs into a crisis. EFAPs are one of the smallest areas of all employee benefits costs.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help today.

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As a recognized leader in worker safety training, Honeywell trains thousands of workers annually – taught by certified, knowledgeable industry experts. Courses take place at customer locations and in our world-class training centers throughout the U.S. and Canada annually.

It’s our mission to keep you educated on mandatory regulations and keep you compliant.

Discover what’s best for your employees, company or site needs.

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St. John Ambulance

Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) Members are eligible for a 15% discount on our St. John Ambulance public class rates. Use booking code AASPMEMBER20

The discount applies to the following classes:

  • Emergency First Aid with Level A CPR and AED
  • Standard First Aid with Level C CPR and AED
  • Standard First Aid Recertification
  • Blended online Standard First Aid with Level C CP
  • R and AED

Additional Member Benefits:

  • A 20% discount will apply to all First Aid Kits purchased at a St. John Ambulance location in Alberta.
  • Family discount – Family Members coupon code ALTAFAM19 at time of registration to receive 10% off training

To book training use the AASP preferred clients direct line: 1-800-989-3787 or ab_clients@stjohn.ab.ca.


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Lunch and Learns, First Aid Drills and other learning opportunities are also available to AASP Members and can be  booked through the Business Development Coordinator, Meagan Taylor (Meagan.Taylor@stjohn.ab.ca)


Wello is a Canadian virtual healthcare service. We believe the health of employees is directly related to corporate performance. Chances are your employees don’t receive the support they need to effectively manage their health. That’s where Wello comes in.

Wello does more than help employees and their families get well, we also help them keep well by providing mental health, nutrition, and life-transition support. Employees can speak with Wello Nurse Practitioners about their health concerns over video or phone. For urgent care support, we are available by phone 24/7.

Our nurse practitioners can:

  • diagnose and treat conditions
  • manage acute and chronic illness
  • order and interpret tests*
  • make specialist referrals*
  • write and renew prescriptions*
  • communicate with family doctors with patient permission
  • provide health education and mental health support

*When medically appropriate


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