AASP SECOR™ Audits – Powered by AuditSoft

AASP has switched and is now using the AuditSoft SECOR tool


You can now complete your SECOR Audit using AuditSoft by going to auditsoft.co > “Download AuditSoft” > Set-up an account​ > Purchase “AASP – SECOR Audit license“​


How to Start Your SECOR Audit


Visit AuditSoft


Download AuditSoft Here


Set-up an account


Select AASP – SECOR Audit license

AuditSoft SECOR™ – Features

  • Audit Clarity – Clear workflows, heads up scoring, issues flagging, and linking to guidelines all help provide clarity to the auditing process​
  • Audit Efficiency – One application for easy SECOR completion​. Easy Audit Submission, and automated Report Generation all work together and can SAVE you between 50% – 70% of the time spent on an audit​.
  • Ease of use – Attach all your documents directly in the app associated to each question and submit directly, no more thumb drives or painful file management​.
  • Audit Quality – Clear view of what is being checked, and what tasks have been completed.​
  • Audit Professionalism – Automated generation of a boardroom-ready report with linked attachments readily sharable with customers.
  • Helpful Resources – Audit Application includes free embedded resources.
  • Low Cost / High Value – $99 for easy auditing and significant time savings​.
  • Heads Up Scoring – In 2022 AASP will be able to show you a SECOR Scorecard displaying how you preform vs other SECOR companies in your industry and in the association.
  • Free AuditSoft Training – Learn how to use AuditSoft here, use the promo code “FreeTraining”.

AuditSoft (Based on ISO 19011) decreases your audit time and improves your audit efficiency and quality by automating the frustrating administrative tasks and calculations that consume time, cause problems, and don’t add any value to your audit.