Black, Ken

Black, Ken
Phone Number
4719 - 132 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5A 3H1
Certification No.
External Auditor and Partnerships External Auditor since 2001.
Work History
My background is in Education (Bachelor of Education) and Property Management. President and CEO of TECK Safety, have been auditing for many years. Have worked with the AASP in course development and as contract instructor. Have audited for 4 Certifying Partners in the past but now solely for the AASP.
Audited Industries
Audit experience includes education, health care, warehousing, oilfield maintenance, construction, airline, rail, transportation, retail and others.
Size of Audits
I have a lot of experience auditing all sizes or companies. I am very comfortable as a lead auditor or support auditor in team audits. I am just as comfortable working with smaller size organizations. I love what I do and I hope that shows through when I work with clients of all sizes.
Available for audits any time. My calendar tends to fill up for the fall fairly quickly, so 3 to 4 months in advance is preferred but will always try to accommodate the clients needs. Please call to check availability.