Collier/Hesse, Genna BA, OH&S, CRSP

Collier/Hesse, Genna BA, OH&S, CRSP
Co/ EnerG Safety 209, 10309-107 Street, Edmonton, AB
Certification No. :
Genna has been auditing since 2008. She has been an External Auditor for the Alberta Safety Council (ASC), Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), Continuing Care Safety Association (CCSA), ENFORM and the Alberta Association for Safety Partnership
Work History:
Genna holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Political Science and Cultural Anthropology) and Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Alberta. She has been involved with Health and Safety for the past 6 years. She enjoys exposure to many different industries and working with workers and managment alike to achieve a common goal.

Audited Industries:
Genna has worked with many different industries ranging from Manufacturing, Pipe Storage, Oil and Gas, Trucking and Hydro-Vac, Continuing Care, Facility Maintenance, IT, Construction and Environmental, as well as auditing more specialized industries such as Insurance, Security and Utility Services.
Size of Audits:
Comfortable auditing companies of all sizes ranging in size from 10 – 7,000 employees. Experience working on team audits.
Open availability for audits anytime with limited lead time necessary for scheduling.