Edmonton, AB
Certification No.
External Auditor since 2008, including experience auditing organizations ranging in size from 1 – 13,000+ employees. Genna has experience working in almost all industries, managing and participating in large scale team audits as a lead auditor and a valued team member. Genna also enjoys auditing small to mid-size organizations, supporting their continuous improvement efforts.
Work History
15+ years work experience as a Safety Specialist including health & safety program development, implementation, and auditing. Currently, Genna is an external auditor for multiple Certifying Partners including AASP. Genna’s well-rounded experience provides significant insight into industry best practices and practical, effective approaches to health and safety management.
Audited Industries
Environmental, manufacturing, fabrication, oil and gas, retail, warehousing, administration, mining, transportation, hydro-vac, utilities, engineering, information technology, pipe storage, archaeology, waste management, construction, and security.
Size of Audits
Comfortable auditing companies of all sizes ranging in size from 1 – 13,000+ employees. Team audits are available for mid-large sized clients and all those who wish to have their audit completed with the utmost efficiency.
Genna works with a team of highly experienced auditors and is able to accommodate client requests. There is always availability to conduct your audit, and Genna is available for audits anytime.