Corrigal (Skirzyk), Samantha

Phone Number
112 Canals Circle, Airdrie, AB T4B3E9
Certification No.
Has been externally auditing since 2013.
Work History
I have been working in the health and safety industry since 2008 as a consultant. I have health and safety experience in Oil and Gas, Construction, Manufacturing and Fabrication industries. I have completed the University of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Certificate and I am a certified NSCO. I have auditing experience in various work types including; Electrical and Instrumentation, Coil Tubing, Service and Drilling Rigs, Wireline, Transportation and Trucking, Fracing, Rental Equipment, Land Surveying and both Residential and Commercial Construction.
Audited Industries
Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Construction, Fabrication, Administration Firms, Land Surveying and Transportation.
Size of Audits
10 – 1000 Employees