Desgagne, Dan, HSE

Desgagne, Dan, HSE
Desgagne, Dan, HSE
Phone Number:
396 Strathcona Dr. SW Calgary, AB
Certification No. :
Auditing with the AASP since 2015
Work History:
Practical Hands on Experience as a Worker, Supervisor, Manager and Business Owner in Oil & Gas Industry Services, Drilling & Completion Projects, Fracs, Plant Shutdowns / Turnarounds, Facilities, Pipelines and Residential / Commercial Construction. Develop & Implement Health and Safety Programs, COR Audits, Incident Investigation, Work Site Inspections / Rig Inspections and ERP’s. Corporate Sales Experience.
Audited Industries:
Forestry, Construction, Pipeline Co’s., Trucking, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Food Services, Transportation, Warehousing, Electrical, Plumbing, Solar Energy, HVAC, Oil & Gas Industry Services, Engineering, Drilling & Completions, Snubbing, Wireline, Fire-fighting, H2S Safety, Auto Sales & Repair.
Size of Audits:
5 – 5000
Can Schedule to Any time of Your Convenience