Desgagne, Dan – HSE

Desgagne, Dan – HSE
Phone Number:
403 651 4131
SW Calgary, Alberta
Certification No. :
External Auditor and Partnerships External Auditor since 2015.
Work History:
Over 20 years practical, hands on safety experience as worker, manager and business owner in Oil & Gas Services H2S Safety, Fire-Fighting, Drilling & Completions, Rig Inspections, Fracs, ERP’s, COR Audits, Health & Safety Program Development, Course Instructing. Residential & Commercial Construction, Manufacturing and Corporate Sales Experience.
Audited Industries:
Audit Experience in most industries including Oil & Gas Services, Construction, Gas Plants, Pipeline, Transportation, Forestry, Manufacturing & Fabrication, Retail Warehousing, Food Services, Solar Energy, Utilities, HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing, Engineering Co’s, Auto Dealerships, Agriculture, Hotels, Continuing Care, etc.
Size of Audits:
Single location or multiple locations of 5 – 8000 employees.
My schedule allows flexibility in accommodating to your convenience although preferably with some advance notice.