Laing, Kim J.

Laing, Kim J.
Name: Laing, Kim J.
Phone Number: 403-824-3418
Location: Box 99, Monarch, AB. T0L 1M0
Certification No. : E-HSA-024
Experience: Auditing since 1994
Work History: I have been involved in Risk Management, Injury Control, Disaster Management and course conduction in Health and Safety since 1983. In 1993, I began working within the OH&S programs and services, am a certified firefighter, PCP level paramedic, an active instructor and consultant in many of the OH&S programs.
Audited Industries: Health Care, Oil & gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Processing and Administrative services.
Size of Audits: I have very comfortable with audits from SECOR levels – COR of 10,000 employees.
Availability: I’m flexible and can accommodate most requests with sufficient notice.