Mitchell, Cameron, CRSP

Mitchell, Cameron, CRSP
Phone Number
41 Glamorgan Drive SW, Calgary, AB T3E 4Z1
Certification No.
External Auditor with the AASP since 2009.
Work History
14 years of experience as a Health and Safety representative and consultant servicing numerous industries, primarily oil & gas. Specific experience with snubbing, fracking, service rigs, drilling, directional drilling, nitrogen units, coil tubing, production testing, vacuum trucks, hazardous waste disposal & recovery, wireline, oilfield hauling and flushby units. Additionally, I have performed audits with mining, environmental, construction, retail and manufacturing industries in various areas.

Audited Industries
Oil and Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Environmental, Mining, Retail, Temporary Labor and Financial Institutions.
Size of Audits
Anywhere from 10 - 5000 employees.
Available anytime and can work with a reasonable amount of notice.