Passmore, Betts

Passmore, Betts
Phone Number
587 329 1464
Airdrie, Alberta
Certification No.
External Auditor since 2004, and Partnerships External Auditor since 2015.
Work History
Betts Passmore has been providing health and safety consulting services since 2000. These services include health and safety program developed, gap analysis to the Certificate of Recognition (COR) standard and management system auditing. Betts has performed baseline, internal and external audits for a number of Certifying Partners including AASP and ASC.
Audited Industries
Since 2004 Betts has provided consulting services and performed audits in a variety of different industries which include Warehousing, Logistics, Municipalities, Manufacturing, Retail, Environmental Consultants, Health Services, Landscaping, Utilities and Oil and Gas.
Size of Audits
Betts has participated in conducting audits for organizations with 10 to 10,000+ employees. Her experiences include conducting solo internal and external audits and being part of large team audits throughout Alberta.
As an external consultant Betts availability for audits is very flexible and she is able to accommodate clients’ requests for GAP or COR audits that suit their business needs.