Passmore, Betts

Passmore, Betts
Phone Number:
420 Tanner Drive SE, Airdrie, AB, T4A 2E8
Certification No. :
Experience as a Partnerships External Auditor began in 2003.
Work History:
16 years as President of a small Safety Consultant company providing services to companies in various industries; 6 years as Corporate Safety Manager for an Oilfield Manufacturing company; 2.5 years as Safety Advisor for the City of Calgary. I have a Certificate in OH&S, Environmental Management and HR. I am a certified auditor for a number of Certifying Partners.

Audited Industries:
I have auditing experience in a number of industries including manufacturing, construction, warehousing, environmental consulting, municipalities and health care.
Size of Audits:
I have audited companies that range from 10 to 500 employees. I have participated in team audits for companies with over 500 empoyees.
Available for audits anytime. A minimum of 30-60 days notice required. Clients book early in the year for their annual fall audits. Early notice will orovide more options for dates to suit your business requirements.