Page, John C

Page, John C
Name: Page, John C
Phone Number: 780-756-0818
Location: 8425 – 184th Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5T 4K7
Certification No. : E-HSA-031
Experience: 14 years experience using the Partnerships audit protocol.
Work History: Occupational Health and Safety Officer for 25 years, Manager Health and Safety in Construction, Oil and Gas, Plants and Pipelines, 15 years.

Audited Industries: Premanufactured Home and Buildings, Oil & Gas, Service companies, Plants and Pipelines, Construction, Environmental companies, Industrial laboratories, Camps, Secondary containment, Chemical companies and Oilfield construction.
Size of Audits: 10 – 2200 Employees
Availability: Will attempt to accomodate any timeline you may require.