Rhine, Melissa

Rhine, Melissa
Phone Number:
Box 1452, Sundre, AB T0M 1X0
Certification No. :
I have five years as an External Auditor for another Certifying Partner. This is my first year Auditing for the AASP and have currently completed three External Audits.
Work History:
I have varied experience in construction, trucking and working with oil and gas employer companies on contractor management programs.

Audited Industries:
I have audited a variety of industries including oil and gas services such as construction, pipelines, trucking, tank trucks, wireline operations, drilling and service rigs. I have also completed audits in office environments where there are no field areas.
Size of Audits:
I have experience auditing both small and large employers
I am available anytime but do need time to arrange and schedule any audits.