Sidwell, Devon BA, CRSP

Sidwell, Devon BA, CRSP
Sidwell, Devon BA, CRSP
Phone Number:
1907, 220 – 12th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 0R5
Certification No. :
This is the first year Devon is working as a External Auditor with the A.A.S.P.
Work History:
Devon has acquired over 8 years of health and safety consulting experience. Hands-on experience in supervisory and worker level roles in numerous oil and gas arenas such as: snubbing, well servicing, drilling, oilfield transportation, well testing, and coil tubing.

Audited Industries:
Oil and gas service providers, oil and gas producers, construction, transportation, manufacturing, and retail.
Size of Audits:
I have experience auditing and working with all sizes of employers from small employers (under 10 employees) to large employers (over 500 employees)
Available for bookings year round. Please contact for availability.