Stefanishion, Jamey

Stefanishion, Jamey
Phone Number
C/o 1933617 AB Ltd, 104 Strandell Cres. SW, Calgary, AB T3H 1K7
Certification No.
Partnerships External Auditor since 2015.
Work History
Jamey is a graduate of the University of Calgary Health, Safety & Environment Certificate Program and the Alberta Construction Safety Association NSCO Program. He has worked with various industries including oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, and the educational sector.

Audited Industries
Jamey has had the opportunity to work throughout a wide range of industries, including aviation, educational facilities, retail, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, municipalities, commercial, environmental and engineering, agriculture, laboratory, wholesale and retail, and food processing
Size of Audits
10 – 500 and more Employees
Currently available and flexible