Stewart, Elden

Name: Stewart, Elden
Phone Number: 587-876-7800
Location: 4 Sorensen Close, Red Deer, AB, T4R 0L9
Certification No. : E-HSA-232
Experience: 10 years experience as and External Auditor. Began experience as a Partnerships External Auditor in 2015.
Work History: Primarily oil and gas safety background. Career focused with on-site safety supervisory experience in oilfield, primarily in upstream service/drilling and gas plant maintenance. Emergency medical and industrial firefighting experience. Managed safety operations then started consulting for the past 10+ years as an occupational health and safety consultant.

Audited Industries: Oil & Gas, Mining, Heavy Construction
Size of Audits: 10 – 500 and more Employees
Availability: Currently available and flexible.