Turenne, Kris

Name: Turenne, Kris
Phone Number: 780-233-4967
Location: 70 Red Canyon Way, Fort Saskatchewan, Ab T8L 0E7
Certification No. : E-HSA-199
Experience: First year working as an External Auditor. First year working with the AASP.
Work History: I spent 12 years in the Canadian Army and have worked in the construction industry part time as a framer during that time. I have also been in the ski industry conduction high angle chair evac. training and safety for the past 13 years. I currently work as a Safety Consultant and have been doing so for the past 3 years.

Audited Industries: Construction, Transportation, Ski/Outdoor Recreation, Forestry, Military.
Size of Audits: 10 – 50
Availability: Anytime