Trottier, Dan BSc, PAg, NCSO, CHSC, CRSP

Trottier, Dan BSc, PAg, NCSO, CHSC, CRSP
Phone Number
PO Box 25134, Red Deer, AB
Certification No.
10 years experience as an external auditor, first year as an AASP external auditor
Work History
I have been given the opportunity of broad experience across many industries including Oil & Gas (Upstream), Construction, Processing and Agriculture. My experience in the field has provided a firm hands on understanding of end user tasks. As an executive and business owner, I have enjoyed sitting at "the corporate table" while also actively participating in the grass roots design and implementation of sustainable long term strategies for company success.

Audited Industries
Oil & Gas (Upstream), Construction, Manufacturing, Processing, Agriculture, Environment Management and Education Boards.
Size of Audits
Current audit experience provided for small companies entering the COR program up to and including multi-national organizations of 1,500 + employees
Available for audits 24/7/12 and will work with client scheduling needs to reduce the impact on business operations.