Trottier, Dan BSc, PAg, NCSO, CHSC, CRSP

Trottier, Dan BSc, PAg, NCSO, CHSC, CRSP
Trottier, Dan BSc, PAg, NCSO, CHSC, CRSP
Phone Number:
PO Box 25134, Red Deer, AB
Certification No. :
10 years experience as an external auditor, first year as an AASP external auditor
Work History:
I have been given the opportunity of broad experience across many industries including Oil & Gas (Upstream), Construction, Processing and Agriculture. My experience in the field has provided a firm hands on understanding of end user tasks. As an executive and business owner, I have enjoyed sitting at “the corporate table” while also actively participating in the grass roots design and implementation of sustainable long term strategies for company success.

Audited Industries:
Oil & Gas (Upstream), Construction, Manufacturing, Processing, Agriculture, Environment Management and Education Boards.
Size of Audits:
Current audit experience provided for small companies entering the COR program up to and including multi-national organizations of 1,500 + employees
Available for audits 24/7/12 and will work with client scheduling needs to reduce the impact on business operations.