Westerhoud, Cathy

Name: Westerhoud, Cathy
Phone Number: 403-635-6471
Location: Taber, AB
Certification No. : E-HSA-177
Experience: External Auditor since 2001. Partnerships External Auditor since 2013.
Work History: I began my health and safety career in the municipal sector. After retiring from the Municipal sector in 2013, I achieved my Occupational Health and Safety Certificate from the University of Alberta. I have been mentoring/ coaching , auditing, team auditng and have developed several programs in the municipal, construction and health care fields.
Audited Industries: Municipal, Feedmills, Hospitals, Long Term Care, Trucking, Excavating, Heavy DutyEquipment. Manufacturing.
Size of Audits: 4-14,000 employees, from 1-26 sites across Alberta.
Availability: Anytime, Safety Matters takes clients on First Come First Served basis.