Wharton, Terence

Wharton, Terence
Phone Number
780 238 7787
Certification No.
External Auditor and Partnerships Auditor since 2014.
Work History
Terence Wharton graduated from N.A.I.T.'s Occupational Health and Safety Diploma program. With 5 years experience of health and safety consulting, his area of expertise include developing OHS management systems, internal and peer auditing, contractor management, incident investigations, training and hazardous materials consulting.
Years of Experience as External Auditor Terence has experience in conducting large scale team audits using the AASP COR protocol in a variety of industries and organizations with 10 to 10,000+ employees.
Audited Industries
Government (Municipal, Provincial, and Federal); Construction (Residential, Commercial & Industrial); Manufacturing; Oil & Gas Pipelines & Refineries and Power Plants.
Size of Audits
10 to 10,000+ Employees
Terence works with a team of highly experienced auditors and is available to meet client requests.