Schroeder, Lacey

Schroeder, Lacey
Schroeder, Lacey
Phone Number:
403 352 091
Red Deer County, AB
Certification No. :
External Auditor and Partnerships External Auditor since 2020
Work History:
I have been working in health and safety for over 20 years. starting as a safety watch fresh out of high school. Over the years I continued to upgrade my education completing my NCSO and QSR certifications. I have also been working as an internal auditor for 4 years prior to becoming externally certified.
Audited Industries:
I spent many years working as a safety coordinator and safety advisor in many oil and gas processing facilities across Alberta and BC. Over the past few years I have expanded to work in camp services, drilling rig, trucking and centrifuge companies.
Size of Audits:
1 to 100 employees
I am available at any time.