Mooney, T. Michael

Mooney, T. Michael
Phone Number
Edmonton, AB
Certification No.
Auditing since 2022
Work History
Michael is a senior level leader with broad experience in operation management, safety, training and human resources. Successfully led safety departments across several industries, building and implementing management systems. TJEM Consulting offers a wide range of services including COR and ISO Audits, NSC Compliance Reviews, Injury Prevention programs and Course Development/Delivery services.
Audited Industries
Safety, Operations, HR and Business Development in Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics, Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, Retail, Education, Agriculture, Waste Management, Municipalities, and IT/Communications Industries
Size of Audits
Michael has worked with all sizes of companies from single location to companies located in multiple provinces or international. In addition, Michael has experience collaborating with companies that are unionized and non-unionized.
Michael is available to work anytime if not engaged in other projects. Would ask that people contact me at least 4 - 6 weeks prior to COR expiry dates to help with scheduling.