Nowell, Shelly

Nowell, Shelly
Phone Number:
403 818 4520
Calgary, Alberta
Certification No. :
External Auditor and Partnerships External Auditor since 2013
Work History:
Certified External Health and Safety Auditor – AASP, ACSA, Energy Safety Canada, ISO, AMHSA. Health and Safety Program Development, Incident Investigation, Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta.
Audited Industries:
Aggregate Supply, Agriculture, Arborist and Tree Service, Asphalt, Brick/Masonry Construction, Building Supplies and Deliveries, Camps, Civil Construction, Commercial – Lumber and Drywall Suppliers, Commercial Construction, Communication Systems, Concrete Construction, Construction Suppliers, Core Drilling, Courier, Doors/Windows Mfg / Install, Down Hole Services, Draft, Drilling – Shot Hole, Drywall/Lathe/Stucco, Electrical, Engineering, Excavators, Fabrication, Facility Maintenance, Fencing, Flooring,Food Service, Forestry, Graming, Glass & Alumnimum, Glaziers, Gravel, Hazardous Waste, Highway Maintenance, HVAC, Industrial Construction, Industrial Mats, Insulation, Iron Workers, Janitorial, Labs, Landscaping, Logging, Machining, Manufacturing, Mobile Equipment Operations, Municipalities, Nuclear Energy, Oil & Gas, Oil Sands Heavy Equipment Operations, Oilfield Construction, Oilfield Water Hauling, Outdoor Advertising, Outdoor Recreation, Overhead Door Services, Paint Manufacturer, Painting, Pest Control / Fumigation, Pipeline Construction, Pulp Mills, Recycle/Salvage/Reclaim Waste, Rental Equipment, Retail, Residential Construction, Road Building, Scaffolding, Security, Service Rigs, Trucking, Underground Locating, Utilities – Power / Gas, Vegetation Control, Warehousing, Waste Recycling, Waste Removal, Wood Products – Mfg.
Size of Audits:
All sizes
Anytime but would prefer a few weeks/months notice if possible