Nowell, Shelly

Phone Number
403 818 4520
Calgary, Alberta
Certification No.
External Auditor and Partnerships External Auditor since 2013
Work History
Certified External Health and Safety Auditor - AASP, ACSA, Energy Safety Canada, ISO, AMHSA. Health and Safety Program Development, Incident Investigation, Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta.
Audited Industries
Aggregate Supply, Agriculture, Arborist and Tree Service, Asphalt, Brick/Masonry Construction, Building Supplies and Deliveries, Camps, Civil Construction, Commercial - Lumber and Drywall Suppliers, Commercial Construction, Communication Systems, Concrete Construction, Construction Suppliers, Core Drilling, Courier, Doors/Windows Mfg / Install, Down Hole Services, Draft, Drilling - Shot Hole, Drywall/Lathe/Stucco, Electrical, Engineering, Excavators, Fabrication, Facility Maintenance, Fencing, Flooring,Food Service, Forestry, Graming, Glass & Alumnimum, Glaziers, Gravel, Hazardous Waste, Highway Maintenance, HVAC, Industrial Construction, Industrial Mats, Insulation, Iron Workers, Janitorial, Labs, Landscaping, Logging, Machining, Manufacturing, Mobile Equipment Operations, Municipalities, Nuclear Energy, Oil & Gas, Oil Sands Heavy Equipment Operations, Oilfield Construction, Oilfield Water Hauling, Outdoor Advertising, Outdoor Recreation, Overhead Door Services, Paint Manufacturer, Painting, Pest Control / Fumigation, Pipeline Construction, Pulp Mills, Recycle/Salvage/Reclaim Waste, Rental Equipment, Retail, Residential Construction, Road Building, Scaffolding, Security, Service Rigs, Trucking, Underground Locating, Utilities - Power / Gas, Vegetation Control, Warehousing, Waste Recycling, Waste Removal, Wood Products - Mfg.
Size of Audits
All sizes
Anytime but would prefer a few weeks/months notice if possible