Certified Health & Safety Representative (CHSR)

Certified Health & Safety Representative (CHSR)TM Certification

This program is for employees that are or want to become members of a workplace joint health and safety committee (JHSC) or health and safety representatives (HSR).

The certificate consists of 8 mandatory modules plus 2 electives which combined makes up a total of 72 hours of training. It is focused on the development of your JHSC members / HSR beyond the mandatory training.

Individuals who successfully complete the 10 required modules as set out below within one year of starting; including passing the online exams linked to each module, will become a Certified Health & Safety Representative (CHSR)TM.

** Upon completing the full program, please request your certificate by e-mailing courses@aasp.ca **

Mandatory Modules:
Module 1: Guide to Develop an OH&S Management System (16 hours)
Module 2: Alberta OHS Legislation Essentials (4 hours)
Module 3: Joint Work Site HS Committee / HS Representative Training (8 hours) *
Module 4: Workplace Inspections (4 hours)
Module 5: Hazard Assessment and Methods of Control (4 hours)
Module 6: Accident / Incident Investigation (8 hours)
Module 8: Understanding Workplace Violence and Harassment (8 hours)
Module 13: Fatigue Management
(4 hours)
* Module 3 cannot be claimed if the employee is a JHSC Chair or Co-Chair or HS Rep as in those cases the training is mandated by Law

Elective Modules (two must be chosen):
Module 7: Ability Management (8 hours)
Module 10: Managing Contractors in the Workplace (8 hours)
Module 11: Being a Leader – Roles of an Effective Supervisor (8 hours)


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More on the Canadian Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)

Important Governmental Administrative requirements – you can read more here

  • Training must start within six months of the approval date; and
  • Training must be completed within 52-weeks from the start date of the first training module
  • Training can start once the application is received by the CAJG.
  • The Training Completion form must be submitted within 30 days following the last day of the course
  • Payment for the program is in Full upfront prior to commencement of training
  • Employers may pay for training at any time. However, the training cannot start until all trainees have signed the application and the application is received by the CAJG.
  • Application to the CAJG does not guarantee approval. If in the unlikely event the application is not approved the Client is responsible for the full amount.
  • Employers may choose to receive two payment instalments by contacting the Canada-Alberta Job Grant team.