Corrective Action Report (CAR)

How do I know my organization qualifies to use the Corrective Action Report (CAR) option? 

  • Your organization must have been in the COR system for at least four years (completed at least two certification audits)
  • Your organization must have scored above 90% in your last certification audit
  • Your organization must be in the regular COR program. CAR cannot be used by organizations in the SECOR program.
  • Your organization must have an AASP Certified Internal Auditor or hire an AASP Certified External Auditor

What does it mean if I qualify?

This means you can use the CAR document to complete your maintenance audit. CAR is based on documentation review and observations only, no interviews are required. The Application Request for CAR must be submitted each maintenance year.

An employer approved to use CAR for year one maintenance audit may request to use CAR the second year however must submit an Application Request along with the action plan from the first maintenance audit to verify 80% of the actions have been completed or in-progress to receive approval the second year.

Benefit to your organization:

  • Considerable savings in auditor fees whether internal or externally audited with CAR as there are no interview questions
  • The CAR focuses on documentation and observations allowing employers to close gaps in their management system
  • The completion of CAR whether by internal or external auditors requires management involvement therefore provides the opportunity to improve management understanding of program requirements and their responsibilities
  • The questions on the CAR document are the same questions as on the full audit tool
  • The action plan developed at the end of the CAR must include both Opportunities for Improvement (OFI) and Corrective Actions (CA)
  • If the employer wants to apply for the CAR option the second year they must submit the Application Request and a copy of the first year action plan for approval