Day 2 – Workplace Investigations Training – Psychological Hazards – Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Psycho-Social Violence

This workshop is designed to provide the participant with specific understanding and introductory skills required to conduct a successful investigation into allegations of psychosocial violence and hazards in the workplace. Topics include.

  • Fundamentals of psychological health and safety
  • Legal implications – Occupational Health and Safety Act,  Human Rights Act, Employment and Labour law and standards
  • Definitions and Differences:  Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying, Violence, Threat Assessments, Sexual violence, cyber-bullying
  • Identifying the elements of the psycho-social misconduct
  • Identifying the test to come to a finding on a psycho-social misconduct allegation
  • Identifying the difficulties and landmines specific to investigations psycho-social misconduct (he said/she said)
  • Case Studies and analysis

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