Outdoor Sports and Recreation Industry Heath and Safety Best Practices

Occupational Health & Safety Toolkit Manual 
for Recreation Facilities, Amusement Activities, Adventure, Hunting & Guiding Tours.

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Implement a strong health and safety management program

The toolkit of resources on this page are provide free of charge to employers that operate within the Alberta Outdoor Sports and Recreation industry. It presents the basic guidelines to implement a health and safety management program, and best practices intended to promote and maintain a safe working environment for everyone. Alberta OHS legislation applies to all companies in all industries, including the Outdoor Sports and Recreation industry. Regardless of the size and nature of your workforce, if you are working within the Outdoor Sports and Recreation industry the information in this document applies to you. Whenever possible this information has been customized to the requirements of the Outdoor Sports and Recreation industry.


The content presented on this page was developed specifically for the Alberta Outdoor Sports and Recreation industry (WCB 87600 Industry Code), which is large and diverse group including businesses that operate in fishing tours, amusement parks, backcountry excursions, tour companies, campgrounds, water excursions, indoor playgrounds, and more.


On October 12, 2013, a life changed forever due to a workplace incident. As a result the business where the incident occurred was convicted and fined $50,000 and under the Alberta Creative Sentencing program the funds were allocated for the development the resources presented on this webpage with the goal of assisting you in recognizing your workplace health and safety obligations and to guide you through the creation and implementation of a health and safety program. This Toolkit of resources represent a Best Practices Guide, based on industry activities, legislation, and general health and safety programs.

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