Module 12: Health and Safety Auditor Training & Certification

Module 12: Health and Safety Auditor Training & Certification

This course has been revised and updated to meet the current audit standard and teaches auditors the acceptable methods of evaluation. The pre-requisites for an internal auditor are to have completed Module 1: Guide to Develop an Occupational Health and Safety Management System and the participant needs to complete the Mandatory AuditSoft Application Overview and have a working knowledge of the company health and safety program as well as some good writing skills.

Instructor Led Training (Classroom / Webinar)

DURATION: 4 Days (8:30am -4:30pm daily)




learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to teach the participant how to conduct an evaluation that meets the standard set by Alberta Labour and Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships.

Participants will learn:

  • The steps followed in conducting an audit
  • How to prepare a pre-evaluation letter
  • How to conduct a pre-evaluation meeting
  • Pre-evaluation information
  • Audit information
  • Auditor information
  • How to conduct the post-evaluation meeting
  • Methods of scoring an audit
  • Ethics of an auditor
  • Documentation required to conduct an audit
  • Necessary information for Audit presentation
  • Appropriate actions of an auditor
  • Report writing – consistent information
  • How to conduct interviews (role playing)
  • Complete a review of the audit questions based on the AASP Partnership Audit Document.

Upon Successful completion of the written exam the participant must complete an internal audit, and submit for review. Once the audit is reviewed and scored, and the Auditor review receives a mark not less than 80%, a certificate will be issued to the participant. The qualification audit must be submitted within six months of the class.

One audit per year must be submitted to maintain Internal Auditor certification. A refresher course must be taken once every three years for Internal Auditors and External Auditors are required to attend a 3 hour session annually to maintain certification.


A certificate confirming classroom completion can be issued upon request. Auditor Certification will only be granted upon successful completion of a Qualification Audit and QA Review.

Important: Participants must submit an auditor qualification audit within 6 months of completing this training to achieve their Internal Auditor Certification.


This course is a:



The pre-requisite courses for this module are:

Classroom Course:

Additional courses will be scheduled as needed.

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