Module 12a Internal Health & Safety Auditing Refresher

Module 12a: Internal Health & Safety Auditing Refresher

The internal auditor refresher is a one day course designed to provide internal auditors with updated information they will need to conduct COR maintenance audits for their employers.

Instructor Led Training (Classroom / Webinar)

DURATION: Full Day (8:30am -3:00pm)




learning Objectives

The learning objectives of this course are to:

  • Review required steps to be followed when conducting an audit
  • Review all audit preparation activities to ensure an efficient audit
  • Review Auditor Code of Ethics and Quality Assurance Standards
  • Review of the electronic audit protocol and the questions to be verified during the audit
  • Review validation techniques
  • Review changes to auditing standards as set by Alberta Labour, Partnerships and Certifying Partners
  • Review auditor certification maintenance criteria

Once every 3 years, Internal Auditors will be required to complete the Module 12a Refresher before their certification expires. Should an Internal Auditor let their certification lapse they will then be required to retake the full 4-day auditor training (Module 12: Health and Safety Auditor Training & Certification).


An updated Internal Auditor Certificate will be issued after completion of this course.


This course is a:

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