Module 15: Business Continuity Management Program

The Business Continuity Management Program (BCMP) is intended to establish policies, procedures, and organizational structure for response to emergencies that are of sufficient magnitude to cause a significant disruption of the functioning of all, or portions of the business. This BCMP describes the roles and responsibilities of departments, operational and support groups, as well as individual personnel during emergency situations. Since an emergency or disaster may be sudden and without warning, these procedures are designed to be flexible to accommodate contingencies of various types and magnitudes. The Business Continuity Management Program contains five distinct components that work collectively to provide an organization with a comprehensive program for responding to emergencies, resuming, and recovering key business processes and ultimately restoring facilities during, or immediately following a business disruption in order to maintain the expected level of service to your customers.

Ask Yourself:

  • Does each responder really know how they will react and their role to best support the business when faced with a crisis / major business interruption?
  • Having your employees educated and trained to implement a business continuity plan after a critical incident can make all the difference in the survival of your business.


This course is an:

  • AASP recommended core course for OH&S Leaders.


A Certificate of Achievement will be issued upon successful completion of the course exam.

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