Workplace Investigations Training for the Safety Professional with Bob Stenhouse

Training for the Safety Professional with Bob Stenhouse

AASP is extremely excited to announce our upcoming Spring Training Session with Bob Stenhouse, Veritas Solutions Founder

*If you have already had some other investigations training you may take Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3 individually based on your personal preferences.

Classroom / Instructor Led Webinar

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Bob Stenhouse is a former RCMP undercover operative. He specialized in homicide undercover, organized crime, and biker gang investigations. Bob was often tasked with the undercover role of hired hitman. Bob made national and international news when he became a whistleblower on ineffective organized crime strategies.

In the midst of intense burnout and Post Traumatic Stress, Bob made the fateful decision to share media strategy documents with an author who was critical of police leadership and the manipulation of data to receive increased funding from government. Bob was terminated from the RCMP and fought back in both courts of public opinion and law. He won his case at the Federal Court of Canada and went on to retire from the RCMP with dignity. After leaving the RCMP Bob specialized in workplace and human rights investigations and went on to be a senior leader in protective services and corporate investigations with Alberta Health Services.

The healing journey from PTSD has been long and life changing. Bob’s story and journey has inspired thousands across the country as he uses his personal story to reduce stigma, challenge assumptions and champion psychological safety in the workplace in keynote and workshop formats.

He is the owner of a workplace investigations and training consulting firm and brings together his passions to help organizations proactively grow in psychological safety and mitigate their risks from psycho-social hazards.

At our 2020 AGM and Conference Bob had discussed his upcoming rollout of his Investigations 3 day Certification Course titled Workplace Investigations Training for the Safety Professional which is a course laid out as follows:

Two ways to achieve your certification:

1. If you have already taking the AASP Module 8 investigations course and then take day two and three of Bob’s workplace investigations training for the safety professional course you will receive your certification.

2. The 2nd way is simply to take all three days from Bob and receive your certification.

Day 1 – Workplace Investigations Training – The Fundamentals

This workshop is designed to provide the participant with basic skills required to conduct a successful workplace investigation.  Topics and modules include:

  • Fundamental principles of successful investigations
  • Investigator skills, emotional intelligence, and bias recognition
  • Health and Safety Investigations and HR investigations – differences and similarities
  • Investigation planning
  • Evidence identification, collection, and preservation
  • Basic interviewing techniques (theory)
  • Evidence analysis
  • Findings
  • Note taking
  • Report writing


Day 2 – Workplace Investigations Training – Psychological Hazards – Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Psycho-Social Violence

This workshop is designed to provide the participant with specific understanding and introductory skills required to conduct a successful investigation into allegations of psychosocial violence and hazards in the workplace. Topics include.

  • Fundamentals of psychological health and safety
  • Legal implications – Occupational Health and Safety Act,  Human Rights Act, Employment and Labour law and standards
  • Definitions and Differences:  Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying, Violence, Threat Assessments, Sexual violence, cyber-bullying
  • Identifying the elements of the psycho-social misconduct
  • Identifying the test to come to a finding on a psycho-social misconduct allegation
  • Identifying the difficulties and landmines specific to investigations psycho-social misconduct (he said/she said)
  • Case Studies and analysis

Day 3 – Workplace Investigations Training – Advance

This workshop is designed for the practitioner who has taken Day One and Day Two, or who has previous solid experience and training in workplace investigations. Topics include:

  • Investigating the Dark Triad of personality in the workplace
  • Advanced interviewing techniques and skills (theory and practice)
  • Trauma informed interviewing
  • Conducting Credibility Assessments (critical on a he said/she said)
  • Identifying Aggravating and Mitigating factors in an investigation
  • Case Study and Role Playing


More on the Canadian Alberta Job Grant (CAJG)

Important Governmental Administrative requirements – you can read more here

  • Training must start within six months of the approval date; and
  • Training must be completed within 52-weeks from the start date of the first training module
  • Training can start once the application is received by the CAJG.
  • The Training Completion form must be submitted within 30 days following the last day of the course
  • Payment for the program is in Full upfront prior to commencement of training
  • Employers may pay for training at any time. However, the training cannot start until all trainees have signed the application and the application is received by the CAJG.
  • Application to the CAJG does not guarantee approval. If in the unlikely event the application is not approved the Client is responsible for the full amount.
  • Employers may choose to receive two payment instalments by contacting the Canada-Alberta Job Grant team.


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