Qualified Safety Representative (QSR)

The Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships believes that education is the key to improving the health and safety at work sites in Alberta. The Qualified Safety Representative (QSR)™ is a designation developed by Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships to provide OHS professionals, or persons wanting to be leaders in OHS, with a career development path. AASP has developed courses that will provide individuals with a solid understanding of health and safety in the workplace and hopefully encourage participants to continue with more comprehensive health and safety training through universities and colleges.

Individuals who achieve a Qualified Safety Representative (QSR)™ designation will have completed the nine compulsory modules, one elective module and will have written an overall comprehensive exam and passed with a minimum of 70%. In doing so, individuals will have a complete understanding of safety responsibilities, expectations, and will be capable in assisting their employer in the management of an effective safety system. Individuals acquiring this level of training have a deeper knowledge base of safety systems which can add significant value to the effective management of their employers Health & Safety program and makes them more marketable.

To achieve a Qualified Safety Representative (QSR)™ designation the participant must complete 96 hours of training in the ten compulsory modules. The hours per module breakdown as follows:

  • Module 1 – 16 hours
  • Module 2 –   4 hours
  • Module 3 –   8 hours
  • Module 4 –   4 hours
  • Module 5 –   4 hours
  • Module 6 –   8 hours
  • Module 7 –   8 hours
  • Module 8 –   8 hours
  • Module 12 – 32 hours
  • Module 13 – 4 hours

The participant must also complete one of the three elective modules. The hours per module breakdown as follows:

  • Module 9 – 8 hours
  • Module 10 – 8 hours
  • Module 11 – 8 hours

A final exam must be completed and passed for each module.

When the participant has met all the QSR classroom requirements there is an overall comprehensive three-hour exam to be written. To pass the overall exam and be awarded the designation of QSR the participant must achieve a minimum of 70%. Study guides are provided. Each successful candidate will receive a wall and wallet certificate with certificate number and a course transcript stating the completed modules, total hours of training, date of final exam, percentage achieved and certificate number.

A person holding a valid QSR will receive 21 hours credit towards the 35 hours of the enrichment courses for the OHS Certificate course at the University of Alberta. Participants can also receive credits towards maintenance of CRSP and additional University OHS certificate programs.

In partnership with  SafetyVantage, the QSR is also offered in an online learning format. For courses currently available online please view the Qualified Safety Representative Online Catalogue.