Radiation Equipment

Does Your Radiation Equipment Need To Be Registered?

The Radiation Protection Regulation requires the registration of x-ray equipment and certain types of lasers by owners. The inspection and registration of radiation equipment is administered by Authorized Radiation Protection Agencies (Agency) and Authorized Radiation Health Administrative Organizations (Organization).

The authority for Radiation Health Administrative Organizations and Radiation Protection Agencies to perform these powers, duties and functions is delegated by the Alberta Radiation Health Administration Regulation.

Certain professional colleges, associations and academic institutions have agreed to issue registration certificates for Alberta Labour and Immigration. Check the list of Organizations (https://www.alberta.ca/radiation-agencies-organizations.aspx) to determine which one is responsible for registering your radiation equipment. Besides issuing registration certificates, these Organizations can carry out investigations and issue written directives to protect workers and/or the public.

In order to obtain a registration certificate, radiation facilities and equipment need to be inspected and tested. Check the list of Agencies (https://www.alberta.ca/radiation-agencies-organizations.aspx) to determine the types of equipment and facilities the Agencies are authorized to inspect.  Agencies contract directly with the owners of the radiation equipment and are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Radiation Protection Act and Regulation.  Organizations will not issue registration certificates without a compliance verification report from an Agency.

AASP – Radiation Health Authorized Radiation Health Administrative Organization

Alberta Labour and Immigration​ has delegated authority to AASP – Radiation Health to issue registration certificates for designated radiation equipment.  You must apply for registration before installing new equipment or operating existing equipment.  Radiation equipment that is in transit or in storage and not capable of being energized does not require a registration certificate.

Radiation Equipment Requiring a Registration Certificate

The following items of radiation equipment are designated as requiring a registration certificate in accordance with this Part unless they are in transit, in storage or incapable of being energized:

(a)  diagnostic or therapeutic x‑ray equipment used by medical, dental, chiropractic, veterinary or other health professionals;
(b)  particle accelerators not governed by the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (Canada) and the regulations under that Act;
(c)  baggage inspection x‑ray equipment;
(d)  security x‑ray equipment;
(e)  cabinet x‑ray equipment;
(f)   analytical x-ray equipment;
(g)  industrial x‑ray equipment;
(h)  irradiation x‑ray equipment;
(i)   3b or 4 lasers not enclosed within a laser system with a lower classification, as described in ANSI Standard Z136.1-2014, “American National Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers” published by the American National Standards Institute.

Additionally, Handheld x-ray fluorescence analyzers (portable x-ray tubes) used for positive material identification of alloys and metals have an open beam x-ray design.  If not used properly, they are capable of delivering a substantial radiation dose to the operator. Operators of this equipment must be certified through the Canadian Non-Destructive Testing Personnel Certification Program administered by Natural Resources Canada. Proof of this certification is required for provincial registration of these analyzers. If you possess equipment or are about to acquire equipment that requires registration, please refer to the “Radiation Health” page for instructions on obtaining a certificate.

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