Why the AASP?

The Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) was founded to serve its members.

The Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) was founded to serve its members.

Our member centric approach and commitment to superior service is what sets us apart from our peers. No matter what industry your are or how big or small your organization, you receive the same excellent service and priority.

The AASP supports some of the largest and many of the smallest corporations in Alberta with over 50% of our members being small employers with 10 employees or less.

The AASP is the largest non-industry specific Certifying Partner, not only in Alberta but in western Canada, and the 2nd largest Certifying Partner in Alberta.

There is a reason why members from all industries and even sectors, even outside of Alberta, join the AASP making us the fastest growing Certifying Partner in Alberta, and that reason is because we deliver excellent COR/SECOR products and services.

Did you know?

  • Each employer has the right to join the Certifying Partner of their choice, irrespective of their primary business and industry code.
  • All Certificates of Recognition (COR or SECOR) are issued by the Partnerships in Injury Reduction program and are equal regardless of Certifying Partner selected.
  • There are no government restrictions or prescriptions if you wish to change your Certifying Partner to the AASP simply follow these guidelines:
    • Contact the AASP to inform us that you wish to change Certifying Partner.
    • We will determine if you will need to conduct a new audit or take additional training.
    • Notify your current Certifying Partner in writing and most importantly, send a copy of the letter to AASP.