Auditor Resources

Auditor Resources

Below you will find resources and guidelines for different resources that may be used by auditors. Please note that many of these require approval prior to submission – be sure to read the guidelines for your resources and reach out to if you have any questions.

AASP Audit Questions Reference Spreadsheet

This Spreadsheet was created as a guideline, the purpose of this document is to assist auditors in understanding the question being asked and how it might be measured (as well as providing guidance on what the expectation is for the quantitative note requirement). This document will be updated as required, there is a control sheet attached to show the changes made to the document and date of change.


Group Audit Application Form (Appendix H1)

Please submit to for approval.

Two or more related employers, each separately incorporated and with their own WCB account, may conduct one representative audit of the group for the purposes of obtaining or maintaining a COR if:

  • the employers are related through common ownership and controlled together, and
  • the employers all use a common health and safety system, and
  • the audit is representative of the overall operations of the entire group of employers.

NOTE:  This form must be submitted annually with both COR and maintenance audit submissions


Additional Information:

Sampling for the combined audit must be representative of the overall operations (all companies are considered together), and follow all Partnerships’ sampling requirements, both for the number of interviews conducted and for the number of work sites sampled.

At a minimum the following information must be documented in the audit report (see Appendix H2 for a sample table):

  • the total number of employees for each employer, and a breakdown of the corresponding number of managers, supervisors, and workers.
  • for the specific employers included in the audit sample, the total number of employees interviewed from each employer and a breakdown of the corresponding number of managers, supervisors and workers.
  • if any of the individual employers has separate work sites, locations, different business operations/processes, etc., then separate sampling information (as above) must also be provided.


CAR Request Form

Please submit to for approval.

To be eligible to use a Corrective Action Report (CAR) for your annual maintenance audit you must meet the following criteria:

  • Employer must have completed one full three- year COR audit Cycle and have a current regular COR
  • Employer must have achieved a minimum score of 90% overall on their last external recertification audit
  • Employer must be in the regular COR program (SECOR is not eligible).
  • CAR document must be completed by a current auditor (internal or external).


COR Equivalency for ISO 45001:2018 / CSA Z45001:19 Request Form

Please submit to for approval.

To be considered for COR equivalency, the ISO or CSA certification must be issued from a designated certification body (e.g. British Standards Institution, AQC Canada Inc) as recognized for this purpose by ISO or CSA.

  • Employers must provide the AASP with documentation to confirm they have ISO or CSA certification.
  • Employer’s ISO or CSA audit deliverables may be subject to review by the AASP on request.
  • Audit scope of the ISO or CSA audit must include the scope of operations covered under the employers COR.

Requests can be made for either COR equivalency or COR Maintenance equivalency.


Action Plan Request Form

Please submit to for approval
(NOTE: Application and proposed Action Plan must be received by June 30 of the calendar year in which the maintenance audit is required).

To be eligible to use an Action Plan in lieu of your annual maintenance audit a company must have been through a full 3 year COR audit cycle and successfully recertified.

Action Plans Must include:

  • A list of unimplemented audit recommendations from the last certification audit, and the accompanying projects to implement those recommendations.  Corporate projects may be included as part of the Action Plan.
  • Timeframes for each project.  Each project must be further divided into milestones or significant activities, with target dates and persons responsible identified for each step of the process.  Projects may be implemented over two years.
  • A description of the proposed deliverables for each project that will be submitted to the CP as evidence of project completion.
  • Assignment of the relative weights for each of the projects (out of 100 points) for each year of the Action Plan, to allow the CP to determine the percentage completeness of the Action Plan.

NOTE: The employer must submit the completed Action Plan, together with documentation providing evidence of the completion of the project deliverables, to the AASP by December 30 of the maintenance year.