External Auditor Applications

The AASP is now accepting External Auditor Applications. 

We have 15 positions that we are looking to fill, in various parts of the province. The AASP will be opening the application process on April 3, 2023 and remain open until the positions are filled.

NOTE:  Due to the overwhelming interest (over 140 inquiries) in these positions, we will only be contacting those that have been selected for interviews.  We appreciate everyone’s interest in becoming an external auditor for the AASP and wish everyone well in their applications.

Submission Requirements 
  1. Resume outlining;
    • Experience in health and safety, including description of positions held outlining roles and responsibilities and auditing experience
    • Listing of health and safety education that at minimum meets the level of a QHSO designation
    • Two professional references (that are not relatives or co-workers) – include name, company, email address and phone number for each.
  1. Criminal Record Check – must be current. NOTE:  can be sent in separately if there is a delay in acquiring – please note in your email that it is in progress.
  1. Complete supplemental Questionnaire (Appendix P)

Submit all information to applications@aasp.ca 



6.8       Health and Safety External Auditor Selection Policy

The Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships provides auditor training and certification for internal and external health and safety auditors.  The auditor training course was approved by Partnerships in March 2022.

The Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships will only accept external auditor applicants that have met the criteria as stated in the following Standard.  The intent is to ensure the AASP maintains a database of qualified and competent external professional auditors that have been trained by the Association to meet or exceed the Partnerships Standard.            

A.A.S.P. Standard           

6.8.1    External Auditor Certification –The procedure to become an external auditor includes four stages of measurement as outlined in the following points. The Applicants must have a minimum of five years health and safety experience in a leadership role including, at minimum, basic internal health and safety auditing experience.

Stage One: Candidates wishing to become external auditors for the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships must submit the information below along with a resume to the email outlined on the website.

  • A resume outlining:
    1. Experience in health and safety, including a description of positions held outlining roles and responsibilities and auditing experience,
    2. A listing of health and safety education that at minimum meets the level of a QHSO Designation, and
  • Includes two professional references that are not relatives or co-workers (with name / company / email address and phone numbers).
  • Provide a current criminal clearance that includes a Vulnerable Sector check from the R.C.M.P or local authorities.
  • Complete the Supplemental Information for External Auditors (Appendix P)

Stage Two:  The AASP External Auditor Selection committee will review the applications submitted and;

  • Contact references noted on the Resume with standardized question regarding work background.
  • Contact selected auditors for an interview (either in-person or digital platform).
  • Formally notify successful applicants that they can proceed to Stage 3 – Training requirements.

Depending on auditing experience and training, the external auditor candidate will be required to attend the four-day AASP Auditor Training course.

Stage Three: External auditor candidates will be assessed in class by the AASP Instructor. The Instructor will evaluate class participation, such as both verbal and written responses to questions, leadership qualities, attitude, and communication skills.  This criterion applies to both the four day course and the one day refresher.

All auditor candidates must complete course activities and achieve a passing grade of 90% on the exam.

Alternately, should an external candidate have external auditing experience and proof of certification with some other Certifying Partner may be required to attend the one day auditor refresher and complete the Auditor Exam and achieve a passing grade of 90% on the exam.  Submission of previous audit review sheets from the Certifying Partner for the last four audits would be required.

Stage Four: The External auditor candidates’ first qualification audit cannot be used for COR certification, it can be a maintenance audit or baseline audit.

  • It will be reviewed and scored using the Audit Review Checklist and Score Sheet (Appendix K).
  • The audit must be completed within six months of the training session.
  • The audit submitted for review must include the .asa working file, along with a copy of the final completed audit report.
  • A final review 95% score is required on the review to be eligible for certification with no critical errors.
  • A probationary External Auditor Certificate will be issued upon completion of the first audit. The auditors contact information will be added to the AASP website.

All New External Auditors will be subject to a probationary period with the AASP of 5 Regular COR Certification or Maintenance audit submissions (SECOR audits not included in this measure).   At the end of this probationary period a review of the 5 audits will be completed – this review will consult the QA Manager to identify any issues noted with the audit submissions.

A successful overall QA review will result in the completion of the probationary period the auditor will be issued an updated External Auditor Certificate.

6.8.2    The Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships maintains a database of all certified internal and external auditors.  In addition, personal files are maintained for all external auditors with a copy of current certification and client evaluations.  The AASP will provide external auditors with copies of all clients’ evaluations at the annual update session and provide an annual valid certificate. To maintain external auditor certifications auditors must attend a mandatory annual refresher/update session.