Sept. 11 – Eye Protection



Employees work in a wide range of work environments, many of which create a risk of eye injury. A key to preventing eye injuries in these hazardous environments is recognizing the hazards, following an objective process for hazard evaluation, and selecting and implementing an appropriate control strategy. Safety eyewear is typically part of the control strategy.

Safety eyewear needs to be worn to protect the eyes. That may sound obvious but according to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, more than 700 Canadian employees per day sustain eye injuries on the job, resulting in lost time and/or temporary or permanent vision loss.

Often these incidents also result in head and face injuries, increasing the lost days away from work. Canadians continue to sustain eye injuries at work and in most of these cases the employer of these injured people had a safety program in place requiring them to assess hazards and use appropriate controls, including safety eyewear.

The technology associated with the available safety eyewear means that there is a best choice for every situation. There is a large selection of safety eyewear designs with many lens types that come in a range of colours with a wide range of lens coatings. 

Employees have lots of choices when it comes to selecting the safety eyewear best suited to protect their employees from the hazards associated with work. Employers need to know more and be prepared to make the right choices when it comes to eye safety wear.

Join us in this webinar as we explore:

  • Common causes of workplace eye injuries;
  • The legislative framework related to eye safety along with the relevant CSA Standards and guidelines for safety eyewear;
  • Best practices in hazard assessment with a focus on eye safety;
  • The range of safety eyewear including:
    • Safety eyewear designs such as safety glasses, goggles, face shields, and specialty items
    • Lens materials, lens colours, and lens coatings
  • How comfort factors fit into compliance of use;
  • The “Iron Triangle” of safety eyewear protection;
  • Safety eyewear best practices;
  • Guidance on the selection, use, and care of the most appropriate choice of safety eyewear for any job or task; and
  • The most practical and effective ways to imrpove eye safety in the workplace and improve compliance of use.

September 11, 2024 | 12:00PM Noon
Lunch and Learn Webinar