May 15 – Hand Protection



Hand injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries and yet most are preventable. WCB statistics in Canada reveal there were more that 250,000 lost-time injuries in Canada last year. The National Safety Council’s review of the data suggests 18% of lost-time claims are hand-injury or finger-injury related. In Canada that means we have as many as 45,000 lost-time hand or finger injury incidents each year, or a little more than 200 per day.

These injuries are prevalent across all industries, including office jobs, construction, manufacturing, and every industry where workers use their hands for all sorts of work. It may sound obvious, but gloves are the most common type of personal protective equipment to help with the prevention of hand and finger injuries. Nowadays technology exists such that there are hundreds of types of gloves available and that includes one for the hazards of every job and task.

Employers need to know more and be ready to include formalized hand safety programming in their occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS).

Join us in this webinar as we explore:

  • Common causes of hand injuries;
  • The legislative framework mandating hand safety along with the relevant standards and guidelines;
  • The range of gloves available covering every hazard class including:
    • Cut resistant,
    • Chemical resistant,
    • Puncture resistant,
    • Crush resistant,
    • Heat resistant,
    • Abrasion resistant,
    • Anti-vibration,
    • Electrical insulating, and others.
  • Hand protection best practices;
  • Guidance on the selection, use, and care of the most appropriate choice of gloves for any job or task; and
  • The most practical and effective ways to improve hand safety in the workplace, improve compliance, and effectively communicate with workers on the topic of hand safety.

May 15, 2024 | 12:00PM Noon
Lunch and Learn Webinar