Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace (Level 1)

Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace (Level 1)

Mental health isn’t something many people talk about, especially at work. There’s a lot of stigma around it, and it can be difficult to bring up your mental health concerns in the workplace. However, when you understand the impact of workplace stressors on your mental health, and when you’re empowered with strategies to support yourself and others, something incredible happens.

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After this course learners will be able to:

That improved mental health leads to increased productivity, creativity, social functioning, quality of life, physical health, and even life expectancy. This robust course provides you with a framework for understanding workplace stressors and how they affect people, as well as the mental factors that help people to cope and even flourish at work. With strategies and downloadable resources for self-care and support, you’ll also be able to take what you learn and apply it immediately.

  • Recognize the impact of workplace stressors on personal mental health.
  • Describe different workplace stressors, such as fatigue, grief, trauma, and moral conflict.
  • Explain mental health concepts, such as stress, the window of tolerance, the stress response or the fight, flight, and freeze response.
  • Identify the physical and mental signs and effects of stress.
  • Use the mental health continuum model to identify your own mental health state.
  • Relate self-care to resilience and describe the five C’s of resiliency.
  • Identify self-care strategies.
  • Recognize distress in others.
  • Provide basic support though acknowledgement and referral using trauma-informed support and the OARS technique.


A Certificate of Achievement will be issued upon successful completion of the course exam.

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To successfully complete the course, the learner has 3 attempts to achieve 80% or higher on the exam. Online duration subject to student capabilities.


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