Module 19: Recognizing Hazardous Energy and Controls

Module 19: Recognizing Hazardous Energy and Controls

Energy in excess, or when used improperly, can be dangerous. Whenever you need to conduct work on a system that uses energy, like on a generator, a car lift, pneumatic washers, lasers, or chemical conductors, you’ll need to make sure that the energy the system uses and generates is isolated and controlled, so it can’t harm you.  

In this Recognizing Hazardous Energy and Controls course, you’ll learn how to identify hazardous energy sources and the lockout-tagout procedures for controlling them. 

Recognizing Hazardous Energy and Controls

eLearning Course

DURATION: 1.5 Hours



learning Objectives

The learning objectives of this course are to:

  • Understanding the dangers of energy 
  • Sources of hazardous energy 
  • Identifying, assessing, and controlling hazardous energy 
  • Developing a hazardous energy control program, process, and policy 
  • Legislation and regulations 
  • The lockout procedure 
  • Responding to incidents


A Certificate of Achievement will be issued upon successful completion of the course exam.


This course is an:

  • AASP recommended COR courses for OH&S Leaders.


Online Course:

To successfully complete the course, the learner has 3 attempts to achieve 80% or higher on the exam.
Online duration subject to student capabilities.

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