Workovery: Foundations™

Workovery: Foundations™

The Workovery Method™ is a skill-based methodology that teaches hard working people how to revitalize their workdays despite heavy workloads and high stress. 

Now, more than ever, the boundaries between work and life are blurred. Work stress is in the home, and personal stress is in the workplace. Where workloads are heavy, stress is high, and mental illness is on the rise, workers across industry are struggling to adequately recover and rejuvenate outside of the working hours alone. Why not develop a rejuvenating skillset while at work?

Workovery: Foundations™ is an introductory micro-learning course that fits easily into any busy workday. Comprised of bite-sized e-lessons, Workovery: Foundations™ helps workers learn and develop skills in workplace rejuvenation and stress management within minutes, on-the-job.


eLearning Course


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Course Outline:

Module 1:

  • Overview of Employer Obligations: OHS Regulations related to Psychosocial Hazards and Psychological Safety.
  • Rhythms of the Nervous System: Deepen your understanding of the nervous system as it relates to stress, recovery, and resilience.

Module 2:

  • Mindful and Motivated: Prevent mindless mistakes and disengagement related to unresolved stress by better understanding the neuroscience behind focus, motivation, and achieving peak performance.

Module 3:

  • Easy Breathing Stress Management: Leverage the power of respiration to relieve stress, stay focused, or to build energy.

Module 4:

  • Task Integrated Movement: Learn how simple movements can be used to maintain physical mobility, release stress and tension, and to prevent injury.

Module 5:

  • Comfort and Safety Beyond Ergonomics: Utilize various postures and healthy workplace design to prevent repetitive strain and improve cognitive performance.

Module 6:

  • A Good Night Sleep: Optimize sleep hygiene and learn to recover from poor sleep so you can work at your best.


A Certificate of Achievement will be issued upon successful completion of the course exam.

Online Course:

​The Workovery: Foundations™ course offers:

  • 6 Modules
  • Micro-lessons lasting 5 minutes or less.
  • Self-guided navigation.
  • Video Lecture, written, and demonstration-based content.*
  • 1x Supplemental Workbook**
  • Additional resources.***
  • A final quiz. Passing grade is 80%.
  • Certificate of Completion

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