Winter is Here! So are the accidents!

Winter has arrived in Alberta! As experienced every first snowfall, drivers were experiencing slippery roads, on summer tires, with either drivers losing patience, or those who travel well below the posted limits on main thoroughfares.

Edmonton police, like many other police services, have been busy responding to fender benders, cars in the ditch, or accidents. Between 6:00 am and 3:30 pm there were over 130 collisions.

Why is winter such a phenomenon to those living in Alberta in early November?


‘Did everyone forget how to drive in the winter?’
Every driver every year

Alberta Motor Association says Edmonton drivers do forget


Although it is hard to say good-bye to summer and fall is much too short, in Alberta we all know – winter is inevitable.

The first snowfall is not the time to start practicing our winter driving, nor rushing out to the nearest tire dealership to get the winter tires put on.  As with any good health and safety managing system, prevention is key.

Prevent problems before they occur!

Top 10 tips

  1.  Get your vehicle ready for winter in the fall.
  2.  Install four matching winter tires.
  3.  Pack an emergency kit.
  4.  Learn and practice winter driving techniques before you need them.
  5.  Plan your trip, check road and weather conditions.
  6.  Remove all snow from your vehicle before each trip.
  7.  Give yourself extra travel time in bad weather.
  8.  Avoid using cruise control on slippery roads.
  9.  Travel with a fully charged cell phone.
  10.  SLOW DOWNand WEAR your seatbelt.

Top Tips sourced from Transport Canada – click here for more

AMA Reminding People to Switch to Winter Driving- click here to read more