Module 6: Accident / Incident Investigation

The learning objectives of this course are to teach the participants how to conduct an investigation using the following techniques.

  • Recognize and use the seven steps in initial response to an accident.
  • Collect evidence using the four P’s.
  • Identify and use at least three methods of preserving position evidence.
  • Use nine guidelines for effective interviewing.
  • Identify the parts evidence at the scene of the accident.
  • Identify the paper evidence contained in various records.
  • Apply a five-part loss causation/problem solving model for analyzing evidence.
  • Identify losses, contacts, immediate causes, basic causes and lack of control in the accident.
  • Develop and categorize specific remedial actions as either “temporary” or “permanent”.
  • Complete the appropriate information in an incident investigation report.

The second part of the day involves:

  • Creating an effective critical incident plan utilizing the tools learned in the first session to equip staff with the tools they need to deal with the more critical incident situations
  • Learn the importance of preparation and prevention:
    review and practice the steps of response to a situation,
    • control of the situation,
    • working with outside agencies,
    • incident investigation,
    • returning to work, and lastly,
    • de-briefing.
  • Problem solving and practicing the investigation techniques taught are part of the activities. Upon completion the participant will be able to conduct an investigation by applying the loss causation model.


This course is a:


A Certificate of Achievement will be issued upon successful completion of the course exam.

Online Course:

To successfully complete the course, the learner has 3 attempts to achieve 80% or higher on the exam.
Online duration subject to student capabilities.

Classroom Course:

AASP will also accommodate in-house training sessions as requested (min 12 participants – max 25 participants / session).
Additional courses will be scheduled as needed.

Accident incident investigation

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